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Crazy Bright

By Just a Dudeon on  November 18, 2015

This thing is ultra bright! This thing would make Ray Charles squint. I have two other great lights that cast a beam of light, and are honestly adequate for both road and mountain when I use them together (helmet & bar mounted). I had one of them mounted to my helmet on my first MTB ride with this light. I couldn't even see the beam because it was washed out by this light. I thought the charge was dead, it wasn't, it just doesn't hold a candle to this thing. It lights up the trail or road like a truck with high beams. I got it because of the advertised lumens and spread, which it totally delivers on. Plus I don't need to use it on the highest setting. And the battery life is exceptional, so I don't have to charge it after every ride like I do the others.

I've attached a picture. The green LED lights are lightbritz (also on Amazon) and they rock too.